Promised Wetland

The Promised Wetland series shows different wetlands in conflict throughout Chile, displaying that we are on the verge of losing these paradises and raising awareness about their global relevance. A denunciation of the current condition of these sanctuaries, a contrast between a landscape in harmony or the annihilation of the ecosystem; opening the question of the transcendental in photography and inevitably placing the viewer in a position.

In a first instance an idyllic, atmospheric, minimal, concrete and at the same time diffuse sensation is perceived, at a closer look, a truth that many times tries to hide appears, urban sprawl, pollution; a stranded ship or a high tension tower, at the same time, the ship seems so small, the landscape will always prevail, the destruction of the environment, eventually entails ours too; the future does not exist without wetlands, the life of everyone on the planet depends on their restoration and conservation.

Transmitting a dystopian and at the same time idyllic sensation, alien and with a sense of calmness, which is tensioned in this apparent metamorphosis between the human intervention and the wetland; photography is mixed with art, landscape with intervention, present with posterity.

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